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Eric Menyuk

Eric Menyuk

Before coming to NAV, Eric Menyuk acted in film and television for about 12 years, which paid for his law school education. Eric graduated in 1998 from Loyola Law School and for the next ten years practiced in a variety of areas. He started as a litigator and has tried a number of cases in both state and federal court. He spent the last few years working in-house, keeping the world safe for Fortune 500 companies.

Eric has a son who has been in special education since fourth grade, and he often found himself in the place he now finds parents whom we represent. Through his advocate, who helped him with his son for many years, Eric arrived at Newman Aaronson Vanaman. He heard of NAV numerous times and knew that when it came to advocating for children's education rights, NAV was the best place to be. So, when an opportunity arose for him to work with Valerie Vanaman, he jumped at it.

Eric really enjoys the people he works with and the clients he represents. Making a significant difference in people’s lives gives him a feeling of fulfillment that had been lacking in prior positions. In the corporate world, litigation can go on endlessly and the resolution, if there is one, has little effect on people's lives. Eric now feels he is making a difference in people’s lives almost on a daily basis.

Outside of work, Eric tries to spend as much time as he can with his family and friends. Whether it’s spending time with his wife of twenty years, Laurie, watching his daughter's volleyball games or his son’s water polo matches, Eric treasures his family time.

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